guitar-teacher-wellington-studio-cbd-lessons-songwritingHow often do you sit down and get completely mesmerised by a singers words? They hold the ability to paint a picture with their lyrics so well that you can imagine and relate to in your own mind.

The really amazing songwriters of this world have an enormous vocabulary that is most likely almost directly related to their love and mastery of the language they are singing in. They can apply words in a tastefully, that does not sound at all pretentious and can capture the imagination of there audience while he watches them sail in to their own blissful world.

Love the guitar and think of it as only one part of the self-expression palette.

Great lyricists (in my opinion) include:

  • Mark Knopfler
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Nate Ruess

There are plenty more out there. Find out what you like, what touches you and then learn what inspired those artists. Chances are you might like some of their muses too!

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