Last week Eli received the Year 9 Music Award from Wellington College.

Eli has been learning with me for close to four years now.

He is an exceptional sight-reader and is turning into a fine Rock Guitarist.

His tenacious work ethic, encouraging parents (thanks Dave and Kirsten) and passion for music have all attributed to this success which is well deserved.

Eli is a great example of a ‘well rounded musician’ that I am constantly working towards producing.

We have set goals, achieved milestones, learnt tunes, figured out how they have worked and then shredded over them whilst learning about the nuts and bolts of playing with people. This is also combined with a sprinkling of basic music business with the aim of giving him the best possible start with any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

This progress is exciting as it is merely the beginning of his learning which could ultimately lead him down any stylistic path that he chooses.

I still have slots available for term 1, 2013 but they are limited and in demand. I encourage you to act now to save any disappointment.

Congratulations Eli, you are getting rewarded for all of that practice after all!

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